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What are the Pros and Cons of Front Load and Top Load Washing Machines?

Washing machines are one of the busiest electrical appliances in any house. Once you are done with one laundry load, another load is ready to be washed. When it comes to shopping for a washing machine, you need to understand the types of washing machines available and learn their features so as to land you in an informed decision. Have a look at the types of washing machines available, their features and pros and cons. You can also refer to this link: if you are preferring to buy one online.

Front loading

If you find it hard to bend and pull, then consider a washing machine that has a front door. These types of washing machines are front load machine. They clean better and are more efficient. These machines have faster spin cycles which means less water in your clothes when you put them in a dryer. Front loading machines use about half the water that other types of washing machines use. The cons of front load machines is that they vibrate because of high spin cycles and they are pretty expensive.

Saves space

This kind of washing machine is 24 inches in width which makes it ideal for small space like in a condo or an apartment. There are many cons with the space saving like it doesn’t hold a lot of clothes, but only up to 12 pounds. This machine is not ideal if you live with a family of more than 2 people.

Energy efficient top loader

These machines are new in design and much more advanced to use less water and energy than a regular washing machine. It is also uses half the amount of water like front load machines. In other words you can wash loads with no concern about water and energy bills. The only con is that clothes get tangled because of higher spin cycles and your clothes may have more wrinkles. They are expensive than the regular washing machines as well.

The basic top loader

This is the most basic washing machine and is the cheapest of all. It is quite dependable, this machine may cause problems when load is spread unevenly which can cause a racket to be heard. These machines use more water and energy than other washing machines which render them undesirable for people who are ecofriendly.

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