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Activating Windows 10 Pro: Things To Know

When Windows 10 was initially launched in 2015, Microsoft allowed Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 users to upgrade for free, but not anymore. Windows 10 was launched in three editions – Home, Pro, and Pro for Workstations. The Pro, or Professional, edition is designed for the needs of professionals and small business. In comparison to the Home edition, the Pro version is more security oriented and has better connectivity options. Group Policy Management, Bitlocker, Assigned Access 8.1, Remote Desktop, and Direct Access are some features that are exclusive to Windows 10 Pro. If you want to use this edition, you need to get Windows 10 Pro key first. Here are some of the things worth knowing about activating the edition.

Do I need a product key to activate Windows 10 Pro?

Yes, a product key is critical for using the full suite of features that Windows 10 Pro has to offer. Microsoft does allow you to download and install the edition for free, but to access the personalization features, you have to consider getting a key.

Where to buy keys for Windows 10 Pro?

You can get Windows keys either from the official store of Microsoft, or from third-party vendors. The latter might be a good option because many vendors have good discounts even for the Pro edition keys. This is because these vendors deal directly with resellers and get keys in bulk. These are retail keys and must be used for one system online. In fact, all genuine keys for Windows can be used for one computer only.

Other things to know

Note that Windows 10 Pro key cannot be used to activate other editions of Windows 10. To use the key, visit the settings section in your computer and find the Update and Security tab. Here, you will find the option of Activation. Use your Windows 10 Pro key here and activate the edition. You need a stable internet connection to complete the same. Once activated, you can save the key, in case you reinstall Windows at some point or go for factory reset. Note that Windows 10 Pro once activated doesn’t required any additional purchases. You will also continue to get frequent updates from Microsoft as available for free. This is a onetime process that ensures that your computer has the power of the Pro edition.

To make the most of Windows 10 Pro for business and professional needs, get a key and activate your edition.

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